Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Lenten season

This may be my favorite time of year.  I know that we will have to modify some of our family traditions, given all that our family has happening during Lent this year, but I thought I'd offer a resource we enjoyed last year, and it's simple enough that I think we can even keep up with it this year.  It's a free download called "Lent Activities for the Family."  Just click HERE, then scroll down to the third item on the page (Lenten Tree and Activities Book).  (The first two books on the page sound great also, but they're not free!)
Blessings to you all during this season of Lent.


  1. I think it's my favorite time of year too - or maybe a close rival to Advent. ;-)

  2. Hi Susan, You posted a comment on my blog a few days ago. I met your sweet kids in Ethiopia. When do you travel to get them?
    Your reading all the books I am reading! Hole in our Gospel, Crazy Love and Adopted for Life. I love your blog :) Sasha