Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Making the Days Count

This is a quiz for you.  No....it's me preaching to myself in disguise as a quiz for you.
  • How often do your children entertain themselves (not interacting with you) because you are using the computer?
  • Do you ever find yourself feeling frustrated at the end of the day because of things left undone, yet you found time to be on-line?
  • Are there ever days when you spend more time on the computer/on-line than you do communicating with your spouse?
  • Are there days when you spend more time on the computer/on-line than you do with God (in the Word, praying, etc.)?  Or maybe you didn't find time to spend with your Best Friend at all, but found some time on-line?
  • When you are using your computer, what is your demeanor when your children (or possibly even your spouse) interrupt you?  Do you feel irritated or impatient?
  • When you are on-line for something "necessary" or "important", do you frequently find yourself staying on-line longer than necessary because you got "sucked in" to something, or started doing something that truly is just entertainment?
  • Is it really helpful to read a lot of blogs, or does it just cause you to compare yourself to others and to be left feeling inadequate (or prideful!)?
  • Are the things you do on-line edifying?  Are they generally helping you to be more holy?  To be a better wife/mother?  (Certainly some can be edifying, but many are not, and sometimes we can convince ourselves that something is when really it isn't).
Now, if necessary, try taking out the word "computer" or "on-line" and substitute "talking on the phone", "exercising", or maybe "watching TV" or even "reading" (or anything else that you notice occupying a lot of your time).  And, if you are a young person living with your parents, try also taking out the words "children" or "spouse" and substitute "parents" or "siblings".

Enough said.  I am going on an internet fast for the next two weeks (at least).  I will check my e-mail once a day (around 6:30 am), but am otherwise staying off of the internet and will use my computer only for homeschool related things as absolutely necessary (our history curriculum is digital!) 

Teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 91:12