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Currently there are 155 children profiled at the Merkato Carepoint in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Less than 30 of the children are still in need of sponsors...less than 30 until ALL of the children are sponsored and we are able to move ahead with some much needed projects in the Merkato community.

Sponsoring a child is a great way to help an individual child; the sponsorship (only $34 per month) provides for basic nutrition and medical needs, as well as education and Christian discipleship.  The Children's HopeChest staff visits Merkato each week, and they can translate and deliver letters from you to your sponsored child.

Along with helping your sponsored child, sponsorship has the potential to transform the Merkato community.  Located in the center of Addis Ababa, Merkato is a densely populated area which is home to a large number of orphans and vulnerable children.  The income per day is less than half a dollare; consequently many children are forced to work, prostitute themselves, or live on the streets at an early age.  The Children's HopeChest Carepoint in Merkato is bringing hope and transformation for the children and families involved.  As children receive adequate nutrition, education, counseling and discipleship, they begin to know hope...and with it the potential for a new life for themselves and their families.

Since our Community Connection with Merkato was launched in 2012, a visible transformation has begun in the children of Merkato.  Join us as we continue this journey...if you are interested in sponsoring a child at Merkato, please e-mail me here, or leave a comment on a blogpost asking for more information, and I'll get you started.  You can choose a boy or girl, and I'll send you details about a child who is waiting to be sponsored.  

Wondering why there are no pictures here?  We visited Merkato last March, before beginning our partnership with them.  We haven't been back since to see what's happening, but we're going in July 2013!  Check back in the future for pictures and stories as we travel to Ethiopia and see what God is doing at the Merkato CarePoint.

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