Thursday, October 21, 2010

I love my hair!

Hair is a big issue at our house.  I have four girls with four very different types of hair, from tightly coiled black hair to silky smooth blonde, and they are all beautiful.  I've had many conversations with the girls about how much God loves variety, and that He (and I) love all of the beautiful colors and textures of their hair.  I'm not surprised that Boo, my silky haired girl, wishes she had hair like Gracie.  It's because Gracie gets to wear beads and bows galore in her hair, and sports lots of fun styles that Boo's hair just can't manage.  But I always feel sad when Gracie says she wants hair like mine, or like Boo's.  I'm learning that in our culture, even in African American culture, silky hair is often seen as more desirable.  I really hope that when Gracie gets older, she won't want to chemically relax her hair as many girls and women with hair like hers do.  I'm sure that there are roots to this attitude (no pun intended...really!) that I may never completely understand, and that really for now Gracie is only wanting to be like her mom, or her sisters.   But meanwhile all I want it for Gracie (along with all of my children) to appreciate that she is "fearfully and wonderfully made" and to know that God has a perfect plan for her that includeds her wonderful African heritage and her beautiful curls.  Sooooo, when I came across this little video the other day, I was thrilled.  Gracie loves it!  Check it out:


On a very different note, Orphan Sunday is coming up on November 7th.  Watch for a few posts about that coming up very soon.


  1. How fun! What a blessing to find this. I love when that happens.

  2. I love that video!

    Oh, and I think that Gracie has beautiful hair...Boo does also, of course.

  3. Oh, Gracie! A video just for YOU! I love it!