Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sisters and Best Friends

Last week we got some information from Ethiopia which confirmed what we had already suspected:  Gracie is not 3 as we were told, but is actually 4 (turning 5 in September).  Which means that she is less than a year younger than Boo, who will be 6 in December.  Fortunately, for now at least, Boo is still able to take the lead often since there is so much Gracie can learn from her.  The two of them enjoy each other tremendously, but there is definitely a sense of competition between them at times.  Boo wants to play the big sister role that she was expecting, but Gracie sometimes doesn't want to be "big-sistered"!  Fortunately, Little Man is more than happy to be babied, so Boo can always turn to him when Gracie wants to exert her independence.  

Overall, Gracie and Boo are a great match.  Undoubtedly so, because God chose these two to be sisters before we ever imagined it.  They are upstairs now, tucked in together in Boo's bed.  I guess Kindergarten should be pretty interesting at our house next year!


  1. I'm glad you found out Gracie's age, and that everything is going to smoothly for you! Still praying for ALL of you, and it was nice to see you'all at the pool the other day! We should get together there soon.....:)

  2. Oh, I'm sorry!! I didn't mean to say "to smoothly", but just smoothly! Sorry about that...:P