Tuesday, June 16, 2009

If you would please pray...

I have to confess that I'm just feeling weary this week. We've hit a glitch with some of our paperwork. I'm waiting to find out if it's easily corrected, but there's a possibility that we will have to redo about 15 documents, all of which would have to be notarized again. The thought of it just makes me tired. Like Moses in battle, I'm feeling as though I need help keeping my hands held up right now.

Furthermore, we're not getting much information about the investigation of abandonment cases in Ethiopia. The orphanage from which our agency gets most of its referrals was one of the original three named in the investigation. If this is not resolved soon (or if the outcome isn't favorable for Enat Alem), I'm not sure what this would mean for us. It's a rather critical time, as we will be in a position to submit our dossier within a couple of weeks, and it's a little unsettling to submit it to our agency not knowing the outcome of this. We are praying that there will be a clear answer before we need to submit the dossier. And, of course, we're praying for all of the children involved who are not able to be placed because of this situation.

God is good! I am not doubting that He will work all of this together for good. I just don't quite know what that might look like, and humanly I would like to see a few steps further than what He's showing me right now. He is giving us a footlight, not a floodlight, and asking us to take one step at a time in faith. So please pray that we will walk in faith and not fear and anxiety. Thanks.


  1. God is good. He gave you a vision, hope and joy in Nate and Sarah's news. Consider this trial your "labor pains" knowing that in the previous 4 births your labor was short and easier than most so maybe this is your venture into a longer labor.....prayers all around. God never closes a door without opening another. The child God has for you IS on his way to you through God's path and time.... I will be praying for you. K

  2. Oh no!! What happened with the papers? I was thinking about you guys today, and wondering if they had given you the all clear for the docs. And, I'm with you about the lack of info. I'm a little unsettled about it, and wondering why all these other agencies seem to be more forthcoming. I'll be praying for a quick resolution too, and a TON of little boys ready to be referred, just in time for your dossier's arrival in ET!


  3. Susan we will pray for this. I know waiting is hard, especially when you feel like you are depending on people you don't even know to make a decision about your family's life. Please remember that God's timing is sovereign. Perfect in every way. This helped me so much during our waiting....just to remind myself of this throughout my day. I pray for him to hold all of your hearts gently while you wait for Him.
    We love you!