Monday, July 19, 2010

A Summer Update

Is anyone still out there?  I know I've done an awful job keeping up with this blog.  I went back and counted; only 5 posts since we got back from Ethiopia over four months ago!  I'm planning on stepping things up a bit.  Honestly, it's for my accountability that I want to keep up with this blog.  I want to share all that God does in our family, but also I want to be faithful in what I am doing, and if I'm sharing it publically that just gives me a little more motivation!  We'll see how this goes; I started a new "schedule" this morning which I hope will allow me a little more time, including some time to write on this blog.  But here's the kicker...I have to get up at 5:30 am (which is quite a challenge for me).  My time with God comes first, then time with Jim, then (if there's still time) some time on the computer.  So here I am on day one (glad for coffee).

I'm not going to try to write much about what we've been doing this summer, but I'll post some pictures.  Little Man and Gracie are growing so much, and sometimes I can't believe how far we've come.  Here's a little review of our summer so far:

This technically happened before summer, but a precious friend visited from NC to meet Little Man and Gracie.  We love you, sweet friend!

This was the first day of summer, so of course the Popsicle Tree bloomed.  It always blooms on the first day of summer, and it always seems to happen right after the children go to bed.

Of course, you have to eat the Popsicles right away, in your pajamas.  Do you have a Popsicle Tree?  If not, they're very easy to cultivate.  (But very difficult to explain to a four year old with limited English.  Though to some extent, Popsicles seem to be a universal language.)

Picking peaches.  This is definitely one experience where a picture is worth a thousand words.

A day at Busch Gardens.  None of the children had ever been there, so this was a very fun "first" for everyone.

I'm learning a new skill this summer: 

Jim took some vacation time, and we were able to go camping.

Isn't this a funny picture?  I think he messed up her sand castle.  He's saying, "Who, Me?"

Yet another first; the first S'more!  (I think it was a hit.)
This was my favorite "catch"; an enormous bullfrog!
 Unfortunately, our camping trip was cut short by 6 hours of torrential rain. Still, all in all I think the trip was a success.  Even the rain didn't dampen everyone's spirits.

Hard to believe it's not even August yet!  Who knows what adventures may be waiting for us before the end of summer.  By the way, does anyone have any fun ideas about what might bloom on a "First Day of Fall" tree?  Pumpkin pie, maybe? 

By the way, I really did start this post at 6:15 this morning.  But I just had to come and finish it up at 10:00.  I'm glad I have a few weeks before school starts to hammer out this new schedule.  But I'm also glad it's July and that it's a slow, rainy Monday morning.  :)


  1. Yes, I'm still here and reading. :-) The pictures really show that you guys are having a wonderful summer. The kids all look amazing! Are you sure you've only been home for 4 months?! :-)

    The popsicle tree is such a great idea! I want to remember it next year. I wonder if there is something fun to do to herald the start of each new season like that. I bet your kids absoutely love the tradition.

    I hear you about blogging. I took a 4 month haitus from family posts and just did adoption process related stuff, and now I'm trying to be more diligent about just capturing the things we do as a family and/or the milestones of the kids. Some weeks are better than others!

  2. I love all the pictures! Yes, I still read your blog. :P Your kids really seem to be enjoying themselves and each other in every picture, that's so great. :)

  3. Ooh! Ooh! I think just maybe we have a popsicle tree in our yard in Missouri ...will have to check! (Thanks for the great idea :))

    You guys are awesome ...we sure are going to miss you.

  4. I really love all the pictures! And the thought of a popsicle tree...well, it's and awesome idea. :)